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Preparing Your Home for Winter

That crisp chill in the morning is a great reminder that winter is on it’s way. Our beloved Treasure Valley seems unpredictable when it comes to weather, so best to prepare for the worst case scenario. There are many great tips and lists online that can help you and your family prepare, but my favorite is “Winterizing Your Home” by Elizabeth Weintraub, from  A few key items to include on your list: preparing your furnace and fireplace for usage, checking exterior doors and windows for issues, preparing landscaping and outdoor surfaces, having your sprinkler blown out before the first freeze, and having an emergency kit prepared and accessible. Don’t forget that even the simplest preventative maintenance done now, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can save a lot of time and money in future issues and repairs. Have a happy and safe winter!

Ann Marie Baird, Property Manager, Brighton Corporation

We Are Brighton.

Every building company has its own culture – some are client focused while others are more concerned about their bottom line. For that reason it is important for a home buyer to learn about the values and principles of a builder they are considering. The culture of a homebuilding company is reflected in every detail of construction and every interaction with their clients.

At Brighton Homes we have a unique culture that provides many direct benefits to our buyers. One source of our uniqueness and strength is our connection to one of the best land development companies in the Northwest, Brighton Corporation.

Brighton Corporation has been fundamental in the creation of some of the Valley’s most significant residential, commercial, industrial and retail projects over the last forty years. In those efforts it has created lasting relationships throughout Idaho and established a brand that is synonymous with Quality and Integrity.

Brighton Homes, established in1994, has measured up to the reputation of its parent company while establishing itself as a leader in quality home building and customer service. As a result, our clients are provided with the peace of mind that comes from working with a company that takes relationships seriously.

Our focus on relationship building and upholding the integrity of the Brighton name guide everything we do – providing a lasting benefit to every client we serve.

Lars Hansen, President, Brighton Homes

Brighton Homes’ latest happy customers

Creating happy customers is a labor of love around here, and we are always thrilled to hear from our new homeowners. Speaking of, here are two of them, Jessica and Vinny Perretta, and this is what they have to say about their fabulous new Brighton Home:

Homebuyer background: Vinny was born and raised in San Diego, California and Jessica was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho.  They both moved to Boise in August 2004 to attend Boise State University as student-athletes. Of course many of you will recognize their names (Go Broncos!) Vinny played football and Jessica played soccer. Vinny is currently working for Stryker Orthopedics and sells total joints and orthopedic implants.  Jessica works in the Boise State Athletic Department as an Academic Advisor.  They both are enjoying living in Boise and spend the majority of their free time outside with their yellow lab “Louie”.

What brought you to the River Heights community:  “What drew us to the River Heights community originally was the location to the foothills, greenbelt, river, and the ease of getting downtown. We love being able to hop on the greenbelt and bike to dinner or the Saturday Market.  The neighborhood itself is a great place to raise a family with the community pool, amazing neighbors, and tied to a great school system.  Vinny works primarily at St. Luke’s downtown and I am at the university so it was a great location for us both.  The homes are simply beautiful and include so much detail! Working with Lars was amazing and you can really tell he cares and puts a lot of thought into each home.  We loving sitting our our back porch at night being able to see the foothills and stars, it really is beautiful.”

On working with Brighton Homes: “We are absolutely thrilled with our new home. Our experience working with Brighton (Lars, Cindy, Alicia, Alysse) was amazing and they were all so very helpful, talented, and professional.  Every question, comment, or concern we had during the selection process was answered effectively and efficiently.  Our home turned out beautiful because of all of the guidance we had throughout the entire process.  Brighton made us feel like we were very important clients and took care of us beyond our expectations. We cannot say “Thank You” enough!”

Another happy customer – we love it!
Cindy Worwood, Project Coordinator

Featured Homebuyer Testimonial

“…All I really have to say is WOW, I am practically speechless! We are blown away by the house. It is gorgeous and the exterior colors you chose are AMAZING!! We were having so much trouble picking them, and you nailed it! You have such a talent, we are so lucky to have had the chance to work with you. It was so much fun watching the whole mystery unravel, every time we were on our way to visit the house we would wonder what would be different, what it would look like and every time we were in awe! Believe it or not I am actually a little sad that it is almost over (but I am way more excited that it is!!), it was just so exciting seeing all the new changes every week. We will never be able to thank you enough for helping our dream become a reality!”

Michael Pieters, Happy Brighton Homes Customer

What are trade partners?

People hear this phrase often when discussing construction activity on jobsites, but who are these subcontractors and what are their roles? You see them on every one of our jobsites in communities from River Heights and Tuscany to Paramount and SpurWing.

Most homebuilders (general contractors), including Brighton Homes, are made up of construction managers who oversee the jobsites.  Most of the actual work is performed by many different companies commonly called subcontractors.  On typical new home construction it is common to have between 20 and 40 different subcontractors.

Where Brighton Homes differs from other builders is how we utilize our subcontractors. We hire the best subcontractors in the Treasure Valley, considered to be experts in their trade, as an extension of our construction managers.  Because of this high level of partnership we refer to our subcontractors as TRADE PARTNERS.  They are our partners on each project and an important member of our team. We know that it is impossible for one construction manager to be an expert in every item that is installed in a home, but by utilizing our Trade Partners’ knowledge and experience we become experts in every aspect of construction.  This is certainly a contributing factor to Brighton Homes’ success and why we have lasting relationships with our Trade Partners.

Brandon Waltman, Construction Manager

Brighton Homes Team Member Spotlight: Lynn Jenkins

Lynn Jenkins

Lynn has been an integral part of the Brighton Team since 2005.  Starting out in the commercial side of the company, she moved over to help out with the new home sales residential department and is now the Chief Estimator for Brighton Homes.  She is responsible for estimating new home sales in Meridian and Boise, including the subdivisions of Paramount, River Heights, Tuscany Messina Meadows and SpurWing Greens.  Lynn’s expertise doesn’t just encompass estimating…her knowledge of company processes and understanding of how overall new home construction processes work enable Lynn to make valuable contributions in all areas of Brighton Homes.  She is an invaluable member of the Team and we couldn’t do what we do without her!

In addition to her regular duties, Lynn serves on the Brighton Homes Recognition Committee and the Brighton Foundation Committee, which is committed to community service and charitable efforts.  Lynn loves spending time with her family – husband Jerry, sons Dakota and Hayden and daughter Paisley.

Tina Lytle, Vice President of Operations

Idaho gets the highest rating of A+

Idaho gets the highest rating of A+ along with Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, according to a survey sponsored by the Kaufman Foundation.

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The Best Places to Retire in 2012 (Boise makes yet another list)

It’s time for the annual list of the Best Places to Retire.

Reflecting what retirees say they want, there’s a slightly bigger bias toward warmer climates in states like Florida, New Mexico and Arizona. Only about a half-dozen Best Places are located in what could be called chilly parts of the country.This group includes Bloomington, Ind., Fargo, N.D. and Pittsburgh.

But the bigger bias is the importance we place on day-to-day economic issues: the average price of a home, the cost of living and the tax burden on retirees. So there are no entries here from states where it costs a lot to get by, such as California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

We reviewed data for hundreds of cities in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. Besides the usual financial factors, we looked at weather, availability of doctors, serious crime rates and encouragement for an active retirement. To do this, we considered evaluations by Bicycling Magazine and

More and more retirees are working, at least initially. So we also took into account both unemployment rates and rankings of job and economic growth compiled by the Milken Institute.

Nationwide, the average price of an existing single-family house is $163,500, according to the National Association of Realtors. Only four cities on our list have median prices above that, and none really by all that much. The priciest, at $198,000, is Asheville, N.C. At the other end, the average price of a home in Atlanta is only $91,000, followed by Cape Coral, Fla. at $116,000 and Boise, Idaho, at $118,000.

Boise, Idaho
Fast Fact: Home of Boise State University’s famous blue football field
Pros: Low crime, low cost of living, average home price $118,000, above-average air quality, attractive semi-arid climate
Cons: Poor economy

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Inflection Points – Shaping the Future

Andrew Grove was one of the earliest employees at Intel and ultimately its driving force in attaining preeminence as one of the world’s most successful companies.  He is also widely credited with coining the motto, “Only the paranoid survive.”  In his book by the same title, Grove discusses the concept of strategic inflection points – which he describes as “a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change. That change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights. But it may just as likely signal the beginning of the end.”

Grove goes on to say that, “Strategic inflection points can be caused by technological change but they are more than technological change. They can be caused by competitors but they are more than just competition. They are full-scale changes in the way business is conducted, so that simply adopting new technology or fighting the competition as you used to may be insufficient. They build up force so insidiously that you may have a hard time even putting a finger on what has changed, yet you know that something has. Let’s not mince words: A strategic inflection point can be deadly when unattended to. Companies that begin a decline as a result of its changes rarely recover their previous greatness.”

“But strategic inflection points do not always lead to disaster. When the way business is being conducted changes, it creates opportunities for players who are adept at operating in the new way. This can apply to newcomers or to incumbents, for whom a strategic inflection point may mean an opportunity for a new period of growth.”

Finally, Grove concludes, “You can be the subject of a strategic inflection point but you can also be the cause of one.”

At Brighton, we share Mr. Grove’s healthy dose of paranoia and more importantly his sense of power or capacity to shape the future and to bend our own curve in an upward trajectory at the strategic inflection point.  Great companies recognize inflection points and respond.  And, yes, they can even create them. Great companies invest in both their human and financial capital to ensure an upward trajectory.

The real estate industry is positioned at just such a generational, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime inflection point and Brighton is responding vigorously.  Here are just a few of the things we’re doing.

Building the Best Team in the Industry

Over the last year Brighton has been hiring – and we’re hiring some of the best in the industry.  Our business is growing and in order to service the increased demand and build an organization that will accommodate even greater future growth we needed to add some great talent.  Of course, we’re very excited about that.  For more information on Brighton’s new team members and organization click here.

Developing the Most Innovative Product Line

We know that you want a home designed for today’s lifestyle.  That home your parents raised you in was a great home to grow up in but probably not what you’d choose today.  In fact, we have a notion that you want something more up-to-date than what was available even 5 years ago.  For that very reason, Brighton isn’t building a single plan it built 5 years ago.  What’s more, over the next 4 months Brighton Homes will completely overhaul its product line, with refinements to 12 of our existing best sellers and the introduction of 24 completely new plans spanning several market profiles.  That’s about 2 plans a week so check the Brighton Homes website regularly to see the latest additions.

Investing in Infrastructure:

Regular followers already know that Brighton invested heavily in new developments in 2010.  We started the year with two great projects in full stride, Paramount and Mill District at Harris Ranch.  Over the course of the year we added River Heights at Barber Valley, SpurWing Greens, and Tuscany – five great projects in the best locations in the valley. What you probably don’t know is that we’ve been every bit as active in developing our internal infrastructure, including the technology and processes that will enable us to provide our customers the best service possible.  Also on the horizon for 2011 is a new Brighton Homes Design Center located at our headquarters in Brighton Plaza.

Shaping the future requires vision and execution.  It’s hard but scintillating work.  Brighton is doing so by hiring the best team in the business and arming them with industry leading technology and practices.  We’re pairing the most innovative product with the best neighborhoods in the Treasure Valley.  We invite you to check us out and follow our progress.

Please see the attached press release for more details: Brighton_Ldrshp_FINAL